Elizabeth Robinson

Hello untethered soul I meet you with rejoicing peace & willingness.

All aspects of identification, although powerful to the human experience, are narratives of the Ego. All further identification comes from a cultivated, integrated, and malleable sense of Self from my short term around this Sun.

I am a Being who has consented to be Cocreator of her/their lived reality and is somebody who cultivates & participates within the rhythm of contraction & expansion, which is the human experience.

Labels that echo my intention are:

  • Shadow Worker [Registered Psychotherapist]
  • Light Worker [Reiki Master]
  • Yogi [RYT200 w/ Yin & Restorative]
  • Intuitive Channelor & Soul Tarot Reader [Dealth Doula]
  • Celestial Soul having a human experience on Earth School

Through the minute-by-minute consent it has taken to integrate my own Trauma, the labels above have provided profound clarity on my human experience. Although life can get uncomfy I have learned to endure & tolerate the uncontrollable. With slow living and secure bonds, I have cultivated doors within blocks of my perceived life, where I then found an illumined path of service to others. This path has taught me a healer is not a label one seeks, but a label one enacts & honours. Healing takes surrendering, surrendering takes letting go, and letting go is the last illusion one releases on this journey.

Psyche, Body, Soul Therapy is my love child with the Universe.

Psyche, Body, Soul Therapy is a growing private practice with ethical standards that seek to reframe, shift, and navigate the energy of the human experience. Core Beliefs, Language, and Expectations that do not serve ALL serves NONE.

My therapy container is a place to seek the missing pieces of your healing journey. It is also a place to explore the internal world of the Self.

With trust, you will learn, practice, and integrate yourself as a whole Being.