As the collective energy moves into the year 2022 (the year of the Lovers) and we accept the invitation for connection & communication, I felt aligned to start a conversation on the importance of Core Beliefs and Value Systems. Today I am going to share 3 Core Beliefs that helped me come into a balanced sense of “Self”.

On a fundamental level, our sense of Connection is the home of our Core Beliefs & our Value System is the mechanics of our communication. 

Core Beliefs are the subconscious & conscious assumptions that are made about self-worth/love, right/wrong, & the reality of the collective. Core Beliefs of the subconscious & conscious can be either positive or negative – both should be fully considered in order to balance the self. 

Core Beliefs can become a self-fulfilling prophecy (a state when negative beliefs become fulfilled due to internalized setbacks, usually on topics of fairness, opportunity, and ability) and at times are projected (innocently and/or weaponized – depending on the topic/experience) onto others. Projections come from a lack of observation and awareness of “The Self”. This can be a sign of dysregulated nervous system, often rooted in past events when the available responses/actions were stunted from Trauma/Lack of Security. 

The Value System is the process of enacting core beliefs in both a prospective (what’s not allowed) and prescriptive (upholding/instilling recommendations) ways. Values are often the ethical code of our coexistence. Values help “The Self” relate, react, and digest the lived experience while determining what is right & wrong. The Value System can become compromised when stuck in the insatiable search for external validation.

For a balanced self, Core Beliefs & the Value System should be malleable (the ability to ebb & flow/change & adapt) and include awareness that “The Self” is built on a spiral spectrum.  The human experience will repeat cycles/lessons until there is a surrender to the Unity needed for Psyche, Body, Soul connection.

Questions that Cultivate Core Beliefs/Value System

Personally, my struggle with sharing Core Beliefs came from a fear of being challenged, misunderstood, or even the opposite…ignored! A lot of this struggle was coming from subconscious beliefs created by this reality system (Patriarchy/Late-Stage Capitalism), scenes of the past (collective & individual history), and traumatizing events, which kept the nervous system performing for others while being blissfully burnt out. 

When I took the time to explore my needs and I sought to understand: 

1. “How do I know I am alive?

2. What draws me to identify with the concepts that I do? [i.e: “I am cancer warrior, who  is also a therapist and teacher of the shadows & creation of “The Self”, & channeller/creator of a safe space for others to access/attune to Source Energy.”]

3. “& How do I know I am on the right path?”

I noticed that to understand these questions I had to answer other questions that sounded like:

1) What is productivity? 

2) What is healthy?

3) What is success?

4) What is being a good friend?

5) What am I responsible for in life? 

6) What behaviours make me proud and vice versa?

7) How do I show gratitude? 

8) What does fairness/equality/ownership mean to me?

9) How do I transmute conflict/what does conflict feel like?

10) What do I understand of the Universe & my life path?

11) How do I live knowing death is the only exit? 

12) What makes someone/myself worthy? 

13) What is love to me & How do I prioritize Love in life?

From here I realized I had 3 Core Beliefs that were the foundation of why I am doing what I do:

Core Belief #1) Life is about the Teach-Learn & Learn-Teach experience

Simply, we teach each other when we see the ability to learn from one another…AKA the Teach-Learn (& Learn-Teach) experience. 

Consider the mechanics of life as you gain this perspective, how does this experience work?

I think life is about discovering a dim light bulb (our core self) and repairing the circularity and flow (life-force energy), to make it bright and illuminating (the psyche, body, soul experience). 

The sense of “Self” is only possible, because others exist. Without the existence of others, the “I am” will never have a mirror to look into. 

The illusion of the Earth Experience is to live in the first-person narrative of “ The Self”, which is importantly separate from others. All Souls come from the same Source Energy/Universe, which is the frequency & vibration of complete Unity. The illusion on Earth separates one from another in order to provide the Soul with lessons in returning to Unity. Lessons are about discovery, exploration, and construction of “The Self” in the current Time-Space reality, all while balancing the power of the Vessel’s emotions. 

When harmony within the Self is vibrating in tune/rhythm with the potential frequencies of the Universe, it aids in the resonance of the collective frequency… AKA when you heal yourself, you heal others.

Core Belief #2) You are Co-Creator of an Elemental Reality

You are CO-Creator of Life, not the full creator; therefore, Trauma, Grief, and Unfavourable Events are invitations to experience life, they are NOT subconsciously manifested. Life is irrational…we don’t go through chaos to become a better person/version of “The Self”. In fact, chaos is experienced to discover what is capable of surviving, becoming, and growing. Although Trauma often creates fragmentation (a distorted sense of Self), the journey of establishing Unity is the core lesson that the Universe is inviting the Soul to have. 

The design of the Human Experience is constructed with the 5 elements of our physical reality.

They are Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Aether. All of these elements are forms of energy and since energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply transmutes form. 

The Elements influence & teach the human experience:

Fire = motivation/perseverance/passion  

Earth = stability/growth/foundation 

Water = healing/intuition/wisdom

Air = intellect/creativity/inspiration

Aether (Akasha in Sanskrit) = the essence of Emptiness/Space/Spirit

Ultimately, the human experience invites the Soul to remember that the Universe is based on abundance, while the Vessel overcomes the fear of scarcity. Accepting the invitation to believe in abundance will involve surrendering to the Universe & relinquishing the need to control if, how, and when things will happen. 

When the Soul starts to remember this “contract to experience“, they will become an Untethered Soul, experiencing the vessel as a channel for Source Energy while experimenting with possibilities of being an “I” (AKA “The Self”). 

Core Belief 2.1) The ability to “focus on the self” needs to include the conversation of Privilege ~ it comes down to the analogy of having a boat or not having a boat while looking to survive on the open Sea of Collective Energy.

It is my goal to only speak of the healing journey in a Trauma-Informed way because the aspiration is to leave my readers empowered to illuminate their own sense of Self while journeying on this path we call life. To be Trauma-Informed in business is to show up in a way that helps to decolonize and dismantle Late-Stage Capitalism (because there is no ethical consumption under Capitalism & it perpetuates separation from Unity by prioritizing competition, profit, and power).

The Westernized “Wellness” Lifestyle is built on the foundation of White Supremacy and the colonization of many cultural practices of spirituality. Therefore, the healing space needs to come with a person-first approach that shows/role-models compassionate understanding of the intersectionalities within the human experience.

Core Belief #3) Mastering the Vessel’s emotions is the experiment needed to “Be Here Now”

“Don’t think about the past. Just be here now.”

Ram Dass

The Human Experience invites the Soul to develop mastery in becoming deeply aware of the meaning of “Be Here Now”. Life provides the climate that helps initiate growth. Growth is just a big experiment in learning to love the Vessel (body) unconditionally. Learning to love the Vessel is truly the ONLY control that can be claimed.

& Loving the Vessel is ultimately the only concern the Psyche has when it gets called back to the Earth & The Wheel of Life continues to spin.  

Mastering emotions is about building skills that help the nervous system to regulate itself. The Vessel is a magical place, it digests, cleanses, and regulates without conscious thought, yet conscious thought tries to own & control the “felt experience” (how well the body responds to the environment). 

Healing The Vessel is not something that is done, it is something that gets experienced. It is really about creating flexibility to come into & out of engagement & rest. Knowing one’s inner alignment is not meant to become a fixed state (this is often the product sold in new age healing services),  rather it is truly about the ability to discern the current experience as The Self engages with its lived experience.

A note from Elizabeth:

Expressing how “I” have learned this and understand this, cannot be separated from the story of “Elizabeth’s” human experience.   

My ultimate goal has always been to be aware, authentic, and live in peace…but yet, the physical actions of life were classically being sourced to fix areas where failure lived & only weak external sources of validation were found. 

I was struggling to see beyond “what’s the point” but yet was able to sense that sharing was becoming a more persistent need for myself. 

So here it is: Cancer hangs over my life like a guillotine on judgment day. 

I get it, that imagery is intense, but it matches the intensity of what co-existing with Cancer feels like. 

I have had to contemplate the construction of my “Self” as someone that lives with Cancer. She shows up in every space…and at first, I welcomed her because of the wisdom she brought. However, these last few years taught me that she shows up fearful, controlling, and angry too. Even though she was/is helping to teach about the acceptance process, managing the flooded nervous system had/has created its own arena to navigate. 

Through uncovering these subconscious acts within the self, radical acceptance & unconditional love were the only things left that I could permission to be enough & was evidently the only thing left in my control anyways because truthfully NO-ONE gets to control if an illness is experienced and when death occurs.

Thus a deeper understanding of “Be Here Now” was experienced. I realized the pattern that kept me dissociating was from fears of the future while being flooded with the felt sense of the past. To break the cycle was to become aware of the cycle and then act differently & meet these needs. 

This has been a journey of living between this world and the one beyond the veil. My offline time has been used in building a bridge that supports the weight of the fragmented pieces of “The Self” that needed to journey to the chair of the Higher Self (AKA ‘A Dark Night of the Soul’). 

How this story gets interconnected with the journey of guiding others, is really up to the present moment of this Psyche, Body, Soul experience named Elizabeth. However, I – Elizabeth promise to bring wisdom to this healing journey through my conscious awareness. 

I hope this message of Core Beliefs and Value Systems gets you interested to redefine, restructure, reevaluate, and/or cultivate a flow between your sense of “The Self” while co-creating/living in this time-space/space-time reality named Earth. 


Ps. What Core Beliefs empower your life?

& How do you reinforce Core Beliefs when Others disagree?

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