Psychotherapy is an explorative process of the Self and its life experiences, it is the ultimate container of space where you can:


  • Integrate trauma with Vulnerability, Compassion, & Acceptance
  • Dig deep & Reflect into the Mirror of the Subconscious
  • Identify the Narrative of the Ego (and other aspects within the Self)
  • Plan & Practice Boundary-Making & Setting
  • Defeat Judgment & Criticism
  • Explore your neurodivergence
  • Conceptualize this lived reality & create a plan of action for dismantling systems of oppression


  • Rewire & Tune the Nervous System
  • Release Stored/Trapped Emotion within the Body
  • Meditate & Elevate the Relaxation Response
  • Honour your Sacred Anger
  • Honour your Grief
  • Honour your Inner Wildness


  • Hold & nurture the Inner Child
  • Reparent the Self
  • Embody your Higher-Self
  • Practice Unconditional Love/Regard for the Self & Universe
  • Experience the Self as Divinely Connected

Agreement to Services

All sessions are 50-minutes & are $150 (+HST). This includes our time together, treatment planning, & additional resources that will be gifted to you during our work together.

To ensure that you find the therapy space I hold to be an appropriate container for you, I offer the first 30-Minute Intake free of charge. I am confident in the compassionate relationship I have to offer, so my time is in investment in your search for the right fit.

Sessions are conducted primarily over ZOOM. In-person sessions are available on Saturdays & Sundays (once a month).

I do implement a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. Cancellations within 24-Hours of the session or Missed/No Show appointments, will be charged the session fee.