Can you describe what is like to tune into your heart center & experience your reality with compassion & love? I know for me, it has been all about finding my own inner knowledge and truths that have led me to have a closer bond with myself. 

With attentive patience, I have found ways to nurture my life, by planting seeds, digging out weeds, and watering the garden. By becoming my own source of intuitive motivation & positive reinforcement, I realized that I was the only thing holding me back from living the best version of my life.

I hope that this description invites in the feeling of hope and desire because that is what I am here to do. But first, what is blocking you from having a deeper & trusting relationship with yourself & the life you are living? To answer this question we have to investigate the 3 realms of the human experience: the Psyche, the Body, and the Soul. 

By approaching your healing journey from the Psyche, Body, & Soul perspective you: 

  • Begin to process how fear keeps you from evolving, 
  • Investigate your body-bound relationship to emotions & start to learn your body’s language, 
  • Embody your authenticity because you realize that you can manifest, influence, & create your lived reality 

No one said that this process is easy, but with practice, patience, and knowledge you can make the changes, achieve the goals, and overall feel more at peace. 

Now, let’s take a closer look into the 3 realms of the human experience and see how they contribute to you connecting to life & healing your wounds.

The Psyche 

Our psyche has two narrators: conscious & subconscious. They both narrate the opinions, judgments, rationality, impulses, beliefs, perception, and systems of values you subscribe to. This makes the psyche a major player in our self-identity. It’s because of the big complex brain that you have that we can even connect so deeply with our life. 

However, as we grow up, the narrators inside us can become programmed and conditioned based on our experiences. This often results in a power struggle between wanting to feel happy & authentic but continually experiencing negative circumstances, self-deprecation, self-fulfilling prophecies, and energetic patterns that keep us trapped in cycles – void of solutions for breaking free. 

So here comes the Achilles heel of the Psyche: you are not your thoughts, you are not your experiences, and you are not your judgments.

Reclaiming the power of your Psyche is about breaking free of patterns of fear-based perspectives that no longer serve you & keep you from believing that life could be any different.

The Body

Our body is a meat suit, hard-wired with emotions. Emotions are vehicles that communicate to ourselves & others, about our actions and intent. The body is our source of energy & connection with the human experience. It can catalog experiences & feelings by storing memories. When memories become activated the body can release the emotion it last experienced, hopefully prompting you for the next actionable step. 

We cannot understand the body’s purpose in our self-growth if we don’t understand emotions. Often emotions can be hard to decode and interpret because they happen quickly and can get intermingled with thoughts & perceptions. 

Practicing ways to include your body in decisions & giving it time to be on the healing journey is integral to rewiring your emotional experiences – which opens up the doorway for change.

The Soul

Our Soul is a complex topic because often religion and personal spiritual beliefs have encoded this word for their own purposes. But could we for a moment, allow the Soul to be a representation of your energetic expression. You are you, and no one else has lived your exact life, with your exact thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. So, how can we find ourselves whole without having a category that allows us to express ourselves authentically? The Soul is an invitation to go beyond and to see how important living your uniqueness connects is (i.e. we are all of one energetic source, experiencing a singular reality….while in the meat suit we called a body).

Now, if that sounds “woo-woo” I am going to ask you to suspend that belief and ask yourself “if this is not true for me, why is it not true for me? Does it come from a core belief that I have established for myself? Or does it come from an external source that told me I need to have this belief”.

Being able to see your authentic worth, opens you up to the purest forms of connection & love, which ultimately is the experience we are meant to move through – here on earth. We need to see ourselves as the master of our reality, but at the same time acknowledge that we are contributing to something bigger. The takeaway message about the Soul is you need to find ways to be the best version of yourself – for yourself.

3 Activities to Start Connecting & Healing the Psyche, Body, Soul TODAY:


Start journaling! Journaling allows you to practice the art of being your own narrator. Getting your perspectives, beliefs, and opinions out on paper can be very therapeutic. The act of writing things out activates pathways to our subconscious i.e. the subconscious doesn’t know you are JUST writing, therefore the subconscious will begin to process thoughts & feelings, especially if you include things you are grateful for! 


Fully participate in body-centered activities, where you let yourself be fully immersed in the actions. The trick is to learn to observe the body, notice your senses, and practice shutting off your thoughts. Try using one of the body-centered experiences to get grounded in the body:

  1. Walking/running
  2. Dancing
  3. Yoga
  4. Singing your favourite song or mantra
  5. Meditation
  6. Drinking a glass of water
  7. Hugging a tree


Find your Self-Worth. This comes through some investigation of your core beliefs, but the more you get to know where your values stem from, your Self-Worth will last for the long term. You can start to investigate limitations towards Self-Worth by observing how you feel about your goals, dreams, wants, & needs. To understand your feeling toward these categories, ask yourself: 

  1. How/when will you know you have succeeded?
  2. How confident are you about being successful?
  3. What does this goal look like specifically, can you imagine the details within the bigger picture?
  4. Why does this goal matter to you, and what beliefs are you establishing about the end result?

So there you have it, the 3 realms of the human experience – the Psyche, Body, & Soul. They hold the key to self-liberation and finding a groove with the dance of life. Now it’s time for us to connect together – let me show you the importance of the Psyche, Body, & Soul connection.

If you want to cultivate skills, find avenues of self-growth, and process trauma, book your FREE 30-Minute Psychotherapy Intake with me, by clicking here! There is no better time than the present to meet yourself where you are at & take the chance that working on these realms of life will catapult your self-growth.

Ps. What has your Psyche, Body, Soul Journey been like?

& What part of your journey has been the most impact and the most challenging?

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