“I made peace with me,
I stopped finding fault with me,
I stopped finding fault with you,
I stopped looking for reasons to feel bad
and I started looking for reasons to feel good,
I stopped making the worst of things
and I started making the best of things,
I stopped asking other people to be the reason for me feeling better
and I decided I would be the reason for me feeling better
& in that decision, I found ultimate freedom”
Abraham Hicks

Unearthing The Self is the process of composting discomfort and struggles (traumatic events), within human Life, to achieve the harmony of beingness, versus, living bound by a mental prison created through the perception of adverse experiences.

To comprehend what it means to turn discomforts and struggles into energetic compost is to follow Mother Earth in her natural cycles of death/rebirth. Composting the debris of traumatic events is to remain consistent on one thing: All of life will be cycles of The Psyche, Body, and Soul in the discovery of The Self through ebbs & flows, expansion & contraction, and the death/rebirth cycles of Earth’s seasons.

Who is The Self?

The Self (True Essence/Inner Nature) is about the spiritual journey of a Soul, who seeks to discover itself through its own observation of a Human Life. The creation of The Observer is a frequency state that is created when the Psyche, Body, and Soul achieve harmony of beingness (radical acceptance). 

The Body, provided and sustained by Earth, is the home to the Soul while it experiences Earth life – making The Body a vessel. When The Body experiences external events that include adversity, suffering, & pain, (dysregulation of the Nervous System) The Psyche (Experiencer/Ego) calls it Trauma. Trauma impacts the lived reality of The Psyche and Body. The impact puts The Psyche in a place of withdrawal from the circumstances, starving The Body from its nurturer (which is natural of survival instincts). However, The Self then gets left under layers of debris, as The Psyche & Body self-preserve. Therefore, instead of identifying The Self as the true essence/nature of beingness, The Psyche will adapt itself to over/under control a narrative of The Self as the emotional experience of The Body.

Experiencing life under debris disrupts the flow between the Psyche, Body, and Soul. This leaves The Self in a place that has become compromised by an Ego that perceives things as linear (past, present, future) and is stuck in a cause & effect mindset. The Psyche becomes lost within its own narrative’s discomforts and struggles of the past, while the present moment consists of the inability to make sense of it all. Ultimately this limits The Body’s natural birthright to take up space in this Space-Time reality of life. 

Unearthing The Self is the process of living in a state where The Psyche can recognize. The Body can act according to the truth just expressed & The Soul – through virtue of The Observer, can witness The Self – the Soul’s true essence/nature.

3 Ways to turn Discomfort and Struggling into Energetic Compost

You DON’T NEED To Heal:

  1. You need to Unearth The Self. The fact you exist means you are already complete and whole (this is the principle of non-dualism). Without this truth, The Ego will always be constantly chasing a “better version” via the unconscious programming of a dysregulated Nervous System. The Unearthed Self will be a prisoner of the Ego, who says “I don’t get it, why did this happen, this is unfair” – The Ego isn’t wrong, however, is it confused. The Ego cannot be tasked with the job of “Healing”. To believe in needing to “Heal” is an Ego’s attempt to control and establish expectations & assumptions of the “better version”. The Ego needs to remove its hands from the larger energy wheel at play and rather find its center spot – in the middle of the wheel, therefore finding the center of the truth just expressed. This can be moved through by:
    1. Validating all emotions, 
    2. Be true to what was experienced (aka react and respond)
    3. Take time, 
    4. take space, 
    5. and be with what is now. 

Cultivate Sacred Space

  1. The fact is, You – Ego,  don’t own The Body. The Self is a Soul. The Soul is energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, unlike the truth of The Body. Therefore, you can’t control something that isn’t yours. You cannot reject changes in/to the body based on its existence (especially disease and disabilities). To create a Sacred Space/Container is to find flow with The Body’s needs, upkeep, and restore during The Body’s inevitable: age, change, and someday – passing away. Therefore, The invitation of creating a Sacred Space/Container for The Body is to assist the Psyche’s Ego to surrender beliefs based on fears of the body’s potential limitations and rather accept them as fact. This is a key step in the discovery of The Self, the one true purpose of life. A sacred space is an environment where the body can find rest, try practices such as intuitive eating, restorative yoga, and body positivity/acceptance practices.

Initiate Your Being

  1. You are an Essence [not physical matter], finding the essence/nature of The Self via Psyche, Body, and Soul is about consent, participation, and creation. The Soul seeks to know itself within life – every breath & every present moment, to discover its own direct & personal realization of its Essence/Nature. Initiating Your Being is to be in the self-realization that “I will take this human life, and I will use the tools of The Body, its voice and breath to be in creation of myself as the ultimate thing to be experienced and observed. This is the process that Therapy helps with the most because it is the commitment to the ultimate truth that takes the daily “work” aka contemplation within the observation state. 
Ps. Are you in the invitation of Unearthing The Self?

& Do you feel stuck in cycles of The Ego’s narrative of the “better version”?

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